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Robert L. Siegel & Associates, Inc.
26 Chateau Trianon Drive
Kenner, Louisiana 70065-2040
(504) 559-7537
Fax (770) 304-2253

Robert L. Siegel & Associates, Inc. can become your best source for market information. We can give you data on your market, regardless of where it is. We do this, already, for many of the nation's Top 100 home builders.

We can give you forecasts, based on the most complete market information. We can tell you where your market is on the Housing Cycle, and where it is likely to be when you open your next community.

We can give you a report on your competition. We can evaluate your site. We can prepare recommendations on planning and design.

We have been doing all this since 1972.

We look forward to working with you.

--Bob Siegel


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